Calvin Borel and Chip Woolley

June 6, 2009



THE MODERATOR: Okay. We are live in the interview room with Calvin Borel who is the rider of Mine That Bird, finishing third. There is an inquiry in progress that still has not been adjudicated regarding the second place finisher, Dunkirk.

Calvin, can you take us through the trip on Mine That Bird?

CALVIN BOREL: I had a good trip. He was fine, you know. He was a little bit more forward, you know, like I expected going around the half, you know, and down the back side, I thought he might win. When I got to the point I still thought he was going, I told my fiance on the weekend, that horse, he got wide in the Derby, can't keep no credit away from my little horse. He tried. He run his heart out, and I wouldn't give up for nothing in the world.

THE MODERATOR: In an ideal world, did you make the lead sooner than you expected?

CALVIN BOREL: They kind of come back to me pretty quick. But I was still comfortable, you know, I mean, from the eighth pole to the wire, I was still comfortable. Last 40 yards he kind of threw the towel in. When I moved him, I was happy to get over a little bit, save a little ground, no excuses. He run his eyeballs out.

THE MODERATOR: Last question before I throw it out to the media. It's been a very emotional five weeks for you, can you describe your emotions now that it's come to an end?

CALVIN BOREL: It's been a good road. It's unbelievable. First two legs, I mean, I won't change it for nothing in the world. I'm going to be there tomorrow morning, try again, try to get another one.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in the room for Calvin? I'll repeat them for the benefit of those listening upstairs.

Q. Did he take you into the race?

CALVIN BOREL: He kind of took me a little earlier than I wanted in the back side. I knew the fence wasn't good. It's kind of keep down there. When I eased him out, he took me a little earlier than I wanted. So I let him go on. The horses in front kind of stopped, like a walk the last quarter of a mile. Like I said, you know, he tried. He bellied down when the horse come up to the outside. So I can't take nothing out of him, you know. It's very -- track is deep, you know. He just got no excuses, nothing but race track in front of us.

Q. Calvin, any noticeable difference in Mine That Bird's demeanor before or during the race?

CALVIN BOREL: No, sir. He was happy. Chip … did a good job getting him ready, keeping him happy. Main thing, to get him here, we did that. He run a good race. Where he come from, he run a good race.

Q. Calvin, did he seem tired to you at all?

CALVIN BOREL: Not really, no. He was -- I don't think he got tired. If anything, you know, maybe moved him a little earlier, let him get up there earlier than I was supposed to. I wasn't going to take the race out of him, because I knew someone was going to plod on this and beat us, that's what happened.

Q. Why did you think that Summer Bird was the horse to beat?

CALVIN BOREL: If you watch him run in the Derby you'd see why. I thought that was the horse to beat. My little colt run so hard the last two races, you can't take nothing away from him. Chip did a good job with him, like I said. Coming for home, I thought he was home free. He bellied down, run his little heart out. So, please don't knock him down. He's not a bad horse.

THE MODERATOR: We're also now joined by Mine That Bird's trainer, Chip Woolley.

Chip, first and foremost, tell us how Mine That Bird came back from the race.

CHIP WOOLLEY: He looked good off the track. He wasn't dead. He was tired, he looked okay. Talked to Charlie just now, he's on his way on the barn. He looked all right.

THE MODERATOR: Post-Derby, Calvin, was a bevy of emotion, you were very stoic. Calvin is pretty stoic now and graceful in defeat. What are your emotions after this five-week run?

CHIP WOOLLEY: My emotions are real high right now. I want to congratulate Tim Ice. He did a great job. We're disappointed, down a little bit, but the colt did run a big race. Calvin rode a good race. Watching it live, I haven't watched the reply, I can't comment too much on the race, other than I thought we might have gone ahead early. Hard to say that when you haven't seen the replay. I may have a whole different outlook on it when the time comes, really sit down and watch it. I heard Calvin say the horse was kind of fresh down the backside, kind of getting up into the bridle. That's kind of something he hadn't been doing in the past. So I think he run a great race. It's been a lot of fun. I was a little concerned with the horse when he went to the holding barn today. He was a hair more, a little more amped more than he had been previous races, you know. Maybe I had him a hair too fresh. Maybe I should have done something different when we got here. But it's hard to say.

THE MODERATOR: Okay. People listening in the Press Box may also ask a question. It will get relayed down here and asked. Questions for the trainer and jockey of Mine That Bird.

Q. Calvin, you talked about, you know, how much will you kind of go over your performance and your ride in a race like this when you talk about did I move him too early, did I not?

CALVIN BOREL: Not that I moved him too early. The horses in front come back to me quick, going that far. It might have looked like he was a little fresher, but they're going a mile and a half. He was going to put me in the race a little bit more, you know … after they passed seven-eighths of a mile, they come back real quick. I didn't move on him till the quarter pole. I was still happy. We just got outrun, sir. It's been a hard trip, a hard run. The colt's tried every time he run. You can't take nothing away from him. Like I said, maybe might have moved a little tad early. But he took me there … I mean, when they moving that easy and the horses are coming back to you that fast, it might look like he got there quicker.

Q. Chip, do you think your horse has done enough to wrap up the championship at this juncture?

CHIP WOOLLEY: Not by no means. He's going to have to step up to the plate and do more before the end of the year, if he's got any shot at it.

THE MODERATOR: Chip, can you fill people in on what might be the next step for Mine That Bird, or is it too soon to figure that out?

CHIP WOOLLEY: Well, I mean, really right now what we're aiming at is probably another race out here on the east coast somewhere. We haven't picked a spot yet, kind of studying everything. Going to give him a good eight weeks between races and let him freshen up. Maybe a little time off, not much. Couple weeks off and back into training, and see if we can't aim at something over here on the east coast, and maybe his ultimate goal, of course, is going to be the Breeder's Cup. So maybe two outs between now and then if the horse is doing well. I've got a run this by Mark Allen and Dr. Block. They've given me a great opportunity here.

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Chip and Calvin.


Q. Calvin, wondering any regrets about guaranteeing --

CALVIN BOREL: Colt run the race. He run like I thought he would. I can't take nothing away from him. I love the horse to death. He's an animal like a human being, just like me. He tried his heart out, went out, performed today. I put him in a position to win and, you know, we just got outrun. That's it. The other horse maybe starting to come around more seasoned now and we got outrun today; don't take nothing away from the little horse.

Q. Where will he be based at for his upcoming training, Chip?

CHIP WOOLLEY: We're not sure yet. For the next week we'll be at Churchill. We leave Monday morning, at Churchill for a week, and make a decision. We're going to stay around for Stephen Foster Day, and make a decision where to go from there.

THE MODERATOR: More questions for Calvin Borel or Chip Woolley? Right here.

Q. Do you see this as sort of the beginning for you, kind of burst on the scene and now the horse is running great all three races, any long-term plan? We going to see you back here every year?

CHIP WOOLLEY: Even Wayne (Lukas) don't make it back every year. I'm guessing not every year, but I hope to be back. It's been a great run. Had a wonderful time. We'll be back. We'll be scratching and trying to get back here again.

Q. Calvin, will you think twice before you ever guarantee again?

CALVIN BOREL: No. Not really. I thought I was on the best horse coming in. And I was on the best horse. Like I said, you know, when I rode him in the Derby, he run the last race and you hook him up again. Right now he probably run a different race again. I feel for my animals when I ride him. I know he's a good colt. I know it was five weeks back to back. If you're not going to come here and ride with confidence, you may as well not come. When I come to ride races like this, I come with confidence.

Q. Calvin, you never thought it could get bigger than what it was, what's it been like?

CALVIN BOREL: It's been a good road. I wouldn't change it for nothing in the world. Thank you, Chip, and the owners and everybody for the opportunity to ride the colt back and still do business with them. I promise, you give this colt a little time, you'll see a little better horse.

THE MODERATOR: Whenever that next start is, Chip, you expect to be giving Calvin the leg up?

CHIP WOOLLEY: Absolutely, without a doubt.

Q. Do you have any questions for Tim Ice now that he's doing the ranks of rookie classic winners, Tim Ice?

CHIP WOOLLEY: Not really. I just welcome him in. It's been a fun run and he's a deserving guy. The guy works hard and does a good job.

Q. Chip, did the horse seem the same to you today as he has been?

CHIP WOOLLEY: Yes, I think he was. Like I said, he might have been a hair higher today coming in here, just a little more amped up. But overall, he was the same colt that led up in the Derby. He run a great race. I've got to watch the replay. The horse run a great race. He placed himself a little more up in the race. But other than that, I mean, he just run a great race and got beat, and you have to accept that and go on.

Q. Along those lines, did you have any misgivings when you saw him place himself up, placing himself forward?

CHIP WOOLLEY: I was a little concerned he was that close. The closer he gets, the less he's going to have him stretch. Kind of concerned me, but that's some of my job to make sure when he goes out, he's not too high and he's not dragging Calvin out there, too.

Q. He it seemed from my eye to be lugging out in the stretch?

CALVIN BOREL: No, he was getting a little tired in the end there. But he wasn't lugging out in the end. I mean, it's just a tiring track. It's kind of sandy, you know, that type of track isn't like any other. It's not like a regular track. It’s a sandy track.

THE MODERATOR: Is it possible that last couple of furlongs what we saw might have been a result of the three grueling races?

CALVIN BOREL: Exactly. Might have took a little out of him the last two races, but he rode his heart out.

THE MODERATOR: Any final questions for Chip or Calvin? Gentlemen, congratulations on a thrilling and unexpectedly wonderful Triple Crown run by Mine That Bird, and best of luck to both of you in the future.

Q. Chip, what time will you be at the barn in the morning?

CHIP WOOLLEY: I'll be early. I'll be there between 5:30 or so.

THE MODERATOR: Gentlemen, thank you very much. Congratulations, again.